BlueOrbit Solutions

BlueOrbit Solutions

BlueOrbit Solutions develops and sustains prepackaged dashboard solutions for various industries and functions. As a recognized leader in information management innovations, we offer solutions that are grounded in our deep functional and industry experience and built with a focus on business functionality. They are designed to lower implementation risks and decrease time-to-value. Our solutions apply newer advanced technologies to the changing needs of the market.

We have created horizontal point solutions such as Expense Management, IT service management and Call Center analytics. We also have created accelerators such as BOS Express, which is a process enablement solution for Qlik® development.

Our Accelerators

A complete solutions offering developed exclusively by BlueOrbit for Qlik® customers

Rapid migration solution from
QlikView® to Qlik Sense®

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Simplified self-service analysis tools
for Qlik Sense®

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Rapid process enablement solution
for QlikView® and Qlik Sense®

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Expense Analyzer

Travel and entertainment (T&E) expenses can be one of the largest line items in an enterprise budget. Expense Analyzer from BlueOrbit draws on multiple data sources for a broader, more holistic view of T&E expenses and their impact on the bottom line. It delivers sophisticated analyses and on-demand insight to business leaders, enabling quicker data-driven decisions on T&E spending and employee activity.

Seamless IntegrationIntegration with Concur, Expensify, and other leading T&E applications
Cost ReductionExperience a typical 10%-15% reduction in T&E-related costs
Rapid TurnaroundStreamlined implementation that delivers a working solution in two weeks
Flexible DeploymentChoose between cloud-based or on-premise deployment

Our Solutions

Brand Performance Management Provides insights into your brand performance and helps maximize brand impact
Sales & Profitability Allows our clients to get instant insights into their sales and profitability and enables strategic decision making
Call Center ManagementOffers our clients insights into data and help improve customer satisfaction
Customer 360 Helps our clients upsell and cross-sell to the specific needs of their customers and increase sales